Fred Twigg
guitarist / singer songwriter

Musical history of Fred Twigg

My name is Fred Twigg and I have been playing in various bands since the 80’s.Orignally I come from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, but I have moved around quite a bit.

The band that made the headlines in 1982 was my band the Suspects. They had a number one hit on the compelation album ‘ Bullshit Detector 2 ’ for 6 weeks in the independent chards .The name of the track was Random Relations part 2 on the Crass label distributed by Rough Trade and sold world wide.

The Suspects split on tour in Holland, I stayed and formed D-Code. After the release of our single ‘Modern times’ we got little reaction, so I decided to go back to the U.K.

There I formed a band with my twin brother Les and bass player Baz Ketley called Sudden Impact, which fell apart not very long after, but Baz and I went on to form the Blue Toys, an all out Wolverhampton band.

Two years with the Blue Toys gigging around the Midlands saw the end, when Baz under the influence of the ex Black Sabath manager, wanted me and the drummer out. After my departure of the Blue Toys, who later became the Charlatans. I then decided to go back to the Netherlands.

When returning back to Holland I got invited fot an audition with a band in Arnhem that had no singer, no songs a lousy guitar player and no direction.

After playing with the band for ½ an hour I agreed to join them. I named the band the Clean Cut Guru’s and wrote the songs. We were constantly on tour through Holland, Germany and Belgium, but it came to an end due to other influences.

Another band I played in after was the Criminal Noise Gang, but our demo never took off, so after 1 1/2 years I called it a day and moved house to Utrecht, where I met up with drummer Fred Kooistra and bass player Frans Hey and formed the Silent Scream.

We toured quite a lot and performed for 5 years at my own music festival for the homeless in Utrecht,with big names such as Hans & Candy Dulfer and other major festivals. We were going about 15 years.

I then went back to Arnhem were I played in Restless and unfortunately that is exactly what they were, so that didn’t last long.

Now I am just happy to record my songs, like I did at Sam’s Studio One as a solo artist.

And of course I have been gigging for the last 9 years with my duo Ted’s Road Show playing all over Holland,Belgium and Germany.

Hilights of my musical carreer:

The Suspects,

World wide number 1 hit on compolation album The Bullshit Detector 2 with the number Random relations part 2. Distributed through Rough Trade on the Crass label . On Youtube video Best suit man.

The Blue Toys

All members of the Blue Toys came from Wolverhampton and later the Blue Toys became the Charlatans. 2 videos on Youtube.

The Clean Cut Guru’s

6 tracks recorded in an Amsterdam studio. Offered a deal by C.B.S. ,but the band members wouldn’t sign up.

An audition with the very popular Dutch band the Fatal Flowers and made it to the last 2 out of 60 guitarists.Unfortunatly they choose the other guy and split up shortly after.

The Silent Scream

Had an album in the shops called ‘Vermist’ ( recorded in Dutch) sold all over Holland and Belgium. 4 videos on Youtube FK3830 or Fred Twigg.

Het Groot Utrechts Festival voor dak en thuislozen ( Utrecht Festival for the homeless)

Initiator,creator and later chairman of Stichting Overlevingskunst and the festival.It lasted for 5 years in association with Tivoli Utrecht.

Fred Twigg solo

Video Long time travelling on youtube under Fred Twigg.

Summary of the bands I played in:

Streetmusican 1978 vocals/guitar
The Suspects 80-82 vocals/guitar
D-code 82-83 vocals/guitar
Blue Toys 83-85 backing vocals/guitar
The clean Cut Guru’s 85-87 vocals/guitar
Criminal Noise Gang 87-89 vocals/guitar
The Scream 89-90 vocals/guitar
Alice D 90-91 vocals/guitar
The Silent Scream 91-2005 vocals/guitar
+ Utrecht Festival for the homeless 96-2001
gereisd 05-10
Restless 11-13 vocals/guitar
Ted’s Road Show 12- heden vocals/guitar

Check Fred Twigg on Soundcloud

Let me go / the Suspects

Modern times / D-Code

No one but you / The Clean cut Guru’s

Moonkiller / the Criminal Noise Gang

Sometimes I feel this way / Fred twigg

Wasted days / the Silent Scream

Waar blijf je now / the Silent Scream

Sometimes I / Remain Restless

Borrowed time / Fred Twigg

Outnumbered / The Clean Cut Guru’s